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2018 Colorado Knights of Columbus State Convention

2018 Colorado Knights of Columbus State Convention










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We Look to Lent

This message is later than usual for two reasons. First, as many, if not all of you already know, my family recently suffered the loss of a son/grandson during childbirth. John Edrick Joseph Doherty-Garces, the son of my daughter Shannon and her husband and Brother Knight EJ, was laid to...Read More »

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Colorado State Knights of Columbus

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Hope everyone's Lent season is good so far. #StationsofTheCross are a big part of Lent. Fill your spiritual need by attending your parishes #StationsofTheCross tonight.
And while you're there go ahead and enjoy some dinner with your fellow parishioners and family. Many Knights of Columbus councils throughout the state of #Colorado will be serving Fish Fry dinner, and some baked also!! Contact your local Catholic Parish for more details. Some participating councils can be found at... Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Parish Our Lady Mother of the Church Assumption Catholic School Christ the King Catholic Church - Evergreen, Colorado

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St. Maldonado Relic Carried Across the Border A relic of St. Pedro de Jesús Maldonado was carried over the border in a procession led by the Knights of Colum...

#Charity, our first principle. Carry it with you all day avery day. Join Us Today!!!!

Thoughts and Prayers to Huard Agency - Knights of Columbus Insurance. The loss of a parent is always tough. Your Brother Knights in Christ are with you.

Great way to share the #Faith others. #KnightsInAction leading the way

Our Council Led the First Stations of the Cross for Lent, members were Josh Dalcher, Mark Beilman, Bill Fogg, Bill Lowe, and Al (Jo-Jo) Susman, Jr...

Hungry?? We can't help you for lunch, but we have you covered for dinner tonight!!! It's Friday...during Lent...it's FISH FRY FRIDAY!!!!!
Many of our councils are putting on Fish Fry's on Friday's during lent. Contact your closest parish for more details. Here are some parishes that Knights will be cooking... Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Parish Assumption Catholic School St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Parish and School St. Mary's Church Montrose Our Lady Mother of the Church

The Holy Cross Knights of Columbus #16084 celebrating and saying thanks to their Clergy and Staff in between Advent and Lent! Holy Cross Catholic Church

4th Degree looking good!!!

4th Degree Honor Gaurd for Special Massat Vietnamese Catholic Church in Weatridge for there New Year...