As I write my last Knights Call article as your State Deputy, I can’t but reflect upon all the great accomplishments you have achieved over the past two years. You have recruited many Catholic men into the Order, thus fulfilling your moral obligation of offering all Catholic men the opportunity of membership. By doing so, you have changed many Catholic men for the better. You have shown these new members what it means to live by the principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism as they help strengthen their parishes. The byproduct of getting these men involved is that they become better husbands and fathers as they lead their families in the model of the Holy Family.

At the beginning of my tenure as State Deputy I laid out a vision of being United in Faith, Family and Service for the Glory of God. You listened to my call and you put it into action.  You rallied to give thousands of coats to needy children, supported dozens of seminarians, helped build homes for needy families, stocked many food banks around the state, supported life affirming programs including the dedication of several ultrasound machines, welcomed the Sisters of life, fought against assisted suicide and the removal of Columbus Day as a state holiday and supported our youth through the many great programs as you sponsored many Squire circles. I am very humbled by your dedication to the Colorado Knights of Columbus and to helping all those in need.

We had a difficult start to this fraternal year with the turmoil of the presidential election season that had an effect on recruiting nationwide, but you have recovered nicely in the recent months. We have exactly 1 month left in this fraternal year, that’s just 30 days or 4 ½ weeks or 720 hours but who’s counting. There is plenty of time for you to ask the “man in the pew next to you” to join the Order. Explain to him how it will change his life and how he will become a brother to over 1.9 million Catholic men who are on a journey to deepen their faith and how his brothers will help him achieve that goal. Remember, the larger the Order the great influence we will have on societal norms.

Now that the election of the new State Officers is behind us, I believe that you will continue to follow the leadership and vision of our new State Deputy as he moves the Colorado Knights to great heights never seen before. Jay Doherty will need your total dedication right away as he takes the reins on July 1st and as he implements many new and exciting programs. I know you won’t let me down.

In conclusion, I again want to thank all my fellow State Officers, Past State Deputies, District Deputies, membership and program personnel, those reporting directly to me as well as our State Chaplain for all the dedicated hours of service to the state. I truly appreciate your hard work.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t especially thank my wonderful wife, Pat and our three sons Sean, Kevin and Brian for their support and understanding during all of the ups and downs. The position of State Deputy has a way of stressing you unlike any other position in the chairs and at times your family takes the brunt of it. To them I apologize for using them to vent to. I will never forget how understanding you were to me.

Vivat Jesus & I will see you in the next fraternal year!