Soccer Shoot-out


State Soccer Shoot out: Saturday Nov 14th

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Development of Mind, Body and Soul


The Knights are a bit out of date, grounded and the past and a bit of a throwback. We should take pride in all of those, we endorse and promote timeless principles and at the same time keep them current.


In days past, not quite to when young men were training for Knighthood, but still in times past it was recognized that to be a good may you must train your mind, your body and your soul. For training the souls of our youth we have Faith Formation and school for the mind. Today all too many youth do not work to train their body. This was recognized in the past by the Knights and the Free Throw contest was instituted. These days our youth are more likely to play Soccer than Basketball so a number of years ago the Knights implanted the Soccer Challenge or Shootout.


The Soccer shoot out is an easy event to run to get the instructions just go to :


and download the support material. What has worked best for many councils is to promote to soccer challenge in the bulletin, in Faith Formation Classes and with the youth group. If you parish has an event that will bring in lots of kids schedule the challenge then. You don’t even need a soccer net, duct tape on a brick wall will provide the target.


The council event should be in September with Districts in October. We have the State Event scheduled for November 14th. If your district deputy has not scheduled a District Championship let me know and we will try to find a place where your kids can compete.   This is a simple event to run but it help build that relationship between the Knights and the youth that is so important.


Chris Kennedy

State Youth Director.