Family of the Month

Family of the Month Submission Instructions

The goal of the State Family program is to have high adoption for the submission of the Family of the Month award. This award recognizes the families in the councils that give so much of their time and talent in support of the council, the parish community, and the community at large. This submission can be accomplished using the Supreme online submission form and can be filled out using PDF. It can also be saved, printed, and/or emailed. Monthly submissions of the Family of the Month award results in the council earning 10 points for each monthly submission for a potential total of 120 administrative points for the State Programs awards.

Below are the requirements for submission of the Family of the Month:

    • Council officers identify a worthy family of the award based on activities and/or services they participated in during the month.
    • The council Family Director goes to the Supreme website to access complete the on-line PDF form for submission. The form can be found at this URL:

  • Upon completion of the on-line form it can be saved as a PDF on your computer.
  • Submission can be submitted in one of 2 ways:
    • Email – From your email create an email and send the PDF as an attachment to the following email addresses.
  • Postal mail – print the PDF form (3 copies) and mail copies to the following addresses:
    • Supreme:

Fraternal Services

1 Columbus Plaza

New Haven, CT 06510

  • State Family Director:

Colorado KofC Family Director

7023 W. Hinsdale Drive

Littleton, CO 80128

  • Your District Deputy: please contact your DD for their postal address
  • Form submissions must be received by the 15th of the month after the month of the award. For example: Family of the Month for July must be submitted and received by August 15.
  • Always maintain a copy of the submission forms for council records.

If you have any questions regarding the submission of Family of the Month forms please don’t hesitate to contact Jesse Taitano, Colorado KofC State Family Director, for assistance. He can be reached via phone at 303-972-6554 or by email at