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Family Programs

Is your Council participating in the Building the Domestic Church – A Family Full Alive Program? This counts towards 1 of your 4 required programs for Star Council


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Family Director

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Family Director

A.4 Family Activities
A.4.1. Purpose
To involve our families in the spirit of shared Columbianism; to strengthen family life; to care for the widows and children of deceased members; and to encourage prayer in the family setting.
A.4.2. Summary of Surge With Service Sample Programs
– Family Programs, Education, Communication, Family of the Month & Year, Recreation, Survivor Assistance, Memorials.
A.4.3. State Focus Areas
The State Service Activity Program recommends that each Council participate in the following activities
– Family of the Month
o Goal: Each Council to select a Family of the Month and provide them an award and complete the Supreme family of the month submission and then add the email of the State Family Activities Director for state submission in the spot as State Deputy – Earn Administrative Points
– Family Game Night
o Goal; Each Council to hold a Family Game Night comprised of board games, card games, interactive activities that the entire family can participate. Light snacks could also be served – Earn Administrative Points
– Perpetual Memorial Society
o Goal: Provide a membership in the State Perpetual Memorial Society for each departed Brother
A.4.4. Resources
The Council appointed Council Family Director is the primary focal point for all Council Family Activities. The Council Family Activities Director can look for support from his Council Program Director.

The State has a Family Activities Director to support the Council Family Activities Director. Help can be in the form of answering questions, helping obtain program materials, and general guidance for organizing and executing any programs.
A.4.5. Support Material
Support Materials listed in Appendix A
– Perpetual Memorial Society Application, Family Game Night Participation Form

On-Line Support Materials
– and click on the Family Activities Link
– and click on the Programs link