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Council Activities



The May 2016 issue of the Knights Call should be distributed at the 2016 State Convention. I would like to wish everyone in attendance an enjoyable, educational convention.  Take advantage of this opportunity to meet and greet Brother Knights from throughout Colorado.

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Council Director

Roger Claman

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Knight of the Month Chairman

Dale Hutchinson Wife Marge

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Knight of the Month Chairman

George Stragand

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Knight of the Month Chair

Special Olympics Chairman

Dick Neuhalfen

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Special Olympics

Pennies From Heaven Chairman

Art Sampson

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Pennies from Heaven Home 65 South 5th Ave Brighton CO 80601

Council Activities

To promote and spread the ideals of Columbianism to our members and their families; to promote an increased spirit of unity and fraternity among our members; to provide opportunities for us to gather as a group to celebrate our shared goals and ideals; and to encourage frequent communication between Council and all of their members.

Summary of Surge With Service Sample Programs
– Public Relations, Fraternalism, Cultural, Social, Blood Donors, Athletics

State Focus Areas
The State Service Activity Program recommends that each Council participate in the following activities
– Knight of the Month
o Goal: Each Council to select a Knight of the Month and provide him an award and complete the State Service Program Knight of the Month form – Earn Administrative Points
– Newsletter
o Goal: Each Council to have a monthly Newsletter which provides Council news and activity information to all Council members – Earn Administrative Points
– Pennies From Heaven
o Goal: Each Council to raise $1.00 or more per member to support the Colorado State Charities Fund
– Knights of Columbus State Retreat
o Goal: Knights to attend the State Council Men’s Retreat

The Council appointed Council Activities Director is the primary focal point for all Council Activities. The Council Activities Director can look for support from his Council Program Director.

The State has a Council Activities Director to support the Council Activities Director. Help can be in the form of answering questions, helping obtain program materials, and general guidance for organizing and executing any programs.

Support Material
Support Materials listed in Appendix A
– Knight of the Month Form
– Knight of the Year Form

On-Line Support Materials
– and click on the Council Activities Link
– and click on the Programs link