Ceremonials Guidelines (10/12/2017)

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Schedule of Major Degrees


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Colorado State Council Calendar

Purpose of Ceremonials

  • Very important part of our traditions as Knights of Columbus.
  • The purpose of our ceremonials is to inspire, instruct and motivate candidates to not only understand the principles of the Order, but to live them in their daily lives.
  • Each degree has a primary lesson to convey to the candidate.
  • How that lesson is presented to the candidates is dependent on the professionalism and experience of the degree teams.
  • All Degrees shall be conducted according to the format contained in the Degree Book for each Degree.
  • All ceremonial items must be purchased from an approved vendor.

First Degree

  • Every council should have its own First Degree team. 
  • A newly recruited candidate will lose interest if made to wait a long time before being initiated.
  • The Grand Knight is in charge of the First Degree or a “Degree Team Captain” appointed by the Grand Knight may also head the team. 
  • The Warden is in charge of setting up the chamber.
  • GK should schedule First Degrees so that candidates will not experience a long waiting period.First Degree team members and new teams are certified by the District Deputy. The First Degree MUST be memorized in order to be certified.
  • Holding a First Degree:
    • Having all parts memorized is the preferred method, or
    • One can also have members of the council read each part in its entirety, or
    • The council can use the CD provided by Supreme for key parts and read the remainder.
    • Use of robes is preferred, but dark colored business suits and Ceremonial Baldric may be worn in lieu of robes.
  • Remember a sponsor should accompany his candidate to each Degree if possible.

Second Degree

  • The District Deputy shall be in charge of the Second Degree.
  • The District Deputy should schedule Second Degrees as necessary in his District.
  • The Second Degree must be performed by a certified Second Degree Team.
  • If a certified team does not exist in his area he should make every effort to form one.
  • The required ceremonial items must be used during the Degree.
  • A Second Degree Team is certified by the State Ceremonial Director or State Deputy

Third Degree

  • The State Deputy is responsible for the Third Degrees held in his State.
  • Only a certified (by Supreme) Conferring Officer and his staff can exemplify the Third Degree.
  • The C.O. appointed and assigned by the State Deputy or Ceremonial Director is in charge of this Degree from the time he receives the gavel from the Host DD until he returns it to the Host DD.
  • The C.O. may travel with his chosen Warden, F.P. (Fraternal Presenter) and perhaps a sound person.
  • The C.O. carries his own equipment.
  • Host DD opens the Third Degree.  PLEASE BE PREPARED FOR THIS.
  • The State Ceremonial Director will contact a Conferring Officer and assign him and his staff to the Degree.
  • The Conferring Officer will contact the District Deputy to work out the necessary details for the Degree.
  • Cost of medallions should be included with the candidate’s fee.
  • Once the Conferring Officer arrives on site, he is in charge of the Degree.
  • Robes will be worn for this Degree.