He Has Risen!

Dear Brothers,

He Has Risen!


Easter is here….Alleluia.  Ok, a special request, please be kind to your Priests, Deacons and church staff because after Holy week……they are exhausted. But it’s a joyful exhaustion.

If you get a chance, please read the first reading for Second Sunday of Easter, Acts 2: 42-47. Thisreading to me, captures the core beliefs of the Knights of Columbus.  The theme of this reading just resonates what we do as Knights. We are a fraternal community, sharing what we have not only within the council but the parishes we serve. Look around the room the next time you have a council meeting. See the incredible wealth of knowledge in the room, discover the various faith journeys, the hearts of your brothers that wish to serve.

In this particular reading we read how they came together to share their stories of what they have witnessed during their missions.  Attending Knights events is so energizing for me because the room is alive with joy! About two months ago, our council sponsored the Rosary for the Family, how reverently the people prayed the Rosary as we listened to various snippets from our Popes on the beauty as well as challenges of our families. Once again, like the Apostles, we gathered and shared not our journey but our Prayers.

Blessed be my brothers. You continue to inspire me.

Vivat Jesus,


Fr. Sean McGrath
State Chaplin