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VSM – (12/1/2017)

When the Music Stopped

I thought you should all see this please pass it on.

(For those who are unaware:  At all military base theaters, the National Anthem is played before the movie begins.)
 This is written from a Chaplain in Iraq: 
 I recently attended a showing of ‘Superman 3’ here at LSA Anaconda.
 We have a large auditorium that we use for movies as well as memorial services and other large gatherings. 
 As is the custom at all military bases, we stood to attention when The National Anthem began before the main feature.
 All was going well until three-quarters of the way through The National Anthem, the music stopped.
 Now, what would happen if this occurred with 1,000 18-to-22-year-olds back in the States? 
 I imagine that there would be hoots, catcalls, laughter, a few rude comments, and everyone would sit down and yell for the movie to begin.
 Of course, that is, only if they had stood for The National Anthem in the first place.
 Here in Iraq, 1,000 soldiers continued to stand at attention, eyes fixed forward.
The music started again, and the soldiers continued to quietly stand at attention.  
 Again, though, at the same point, the music stopped.  
 What would you expect 1,000 soldiers standing at attention to do?
 Frankly, I expected some laughter, and everyone would eventually sit down and wait for the movie to start.
 No!  You could have heard a pin drop while every soldier continued to stand at attention.
 Suddenly, there was a lone voice from the front of the auditorium, then a dozen voices, and soon the room was filled with the voices of a thousand soldiers, finishing where the recording left off:
“And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. Oh, say, does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave, o’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave.”
 It was the most inspiring moment I have had in Iraq, and I wanted you to know what kind of U.S. Soldiers are serving you!

 Remember them as they fight for us!

 Written by Chaplain Jim Higgins, LSA Anaconda is at the Ballad Airport in Iraq, north of Baghdad.

 Please share only if you are so inclined.
 God Bless America and all of our troops serving throughout the world


VSM Update on Military Chaplain’s Scholarship Fund Campaign (6/2/2017)


Worthy District Masters:
The following email was sent to Supreme Knight Carl Anderson from Supreme Master Dennis Stoddard.

This does not mean that we are done but must continue to push fall all the funds we can muster up to June 30, 2017. Continue to request funds and hold pass the helmet drives at all council and assembly events.

 Worthy Supreme Knight Carl Anderson,

As we are in the final month of our Military Chaplain Co-sponsorship campaign, I am pleased to provide you this report.

The Order has presented $1.4 million dollars to the Archdiocese of Military Services, USA. for the education of seminarians.   

As of today through the efforts of the fourth degree we have received donations totalling $1,533,615.61

Carl I will close out this campaign June 30 at which time I will give a final report.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve our military members and their families.


VSM Assembly Elections Guidelines (4/26/2017)

Worthy District Masters,
I know many of your Assemblies are gearing up for your annual election of Assembly Officers.  I also know some may gave even already held their elections.
Just a reminder that the by-laws of the Fourth Degree, ARTICLE VIII ASSEMBLY OFFICERS AND DUTIES, Section 24. Duties of Assembly Officers, (j) Elections.
The regular election of officers in Assemblies shall take place annually at the first regular business meeting of the assembly held in May of each year. The officers then elected all hold office for the term of one year except the faithful trustees whose election is for a three-year term and until their successors are elected and qualified. Such officers shall take office, with or without installation, at the first regular meeting of each assembly in July following their election. Such officers shall be installed not later than the first regular meeting in October of each year. Special elections to fill vacancies may be held on one week’s notice. The provisions of the laws as to council elections shall apply as far as practicable. The Faithful Navigator shall within ten days after the election, file report of the same, together with the names and addresses of all officers elected, with the Master of the District, and shall send a duplicate to the Supreme Secretary.
Here is a link to the Laws and Rules Governing the Fourth Degree of the Knights of Columbus:
Yours in Christ
Michael H. Kingman
Vice Supreme Master
John H. Reddin Province